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无硫磺 【银耳 / 雪耳】

吃银耳的好处 Benefits of eating snow fungus:

1. 银耳有解毒功效 - 银耳能提高肝脏解毒能力,起保肝作用。银耳对老年慢性支气管炎、肺原性心脏病有一定疗效。

Tremella improves effectiveness of liver. Good for preventing lung infections and diseases.
2. 女人吃银耳可美容祛斑 - 经常吃白木耳,能使人的新陈代谢增强,血液循环旺盛,各个组织器官的功能得到改善,皮肤的弹性增强,皮下组织丰满,皱纹变浅甚至消失,皮肤变得细嫩光滑,长期服用可以润肤,并有祛除脸部黄褐斑、雀斑的功效。 白木耳还有通便润肠的作用,保持大便通畅,是维护皮肤光润的重要条件之一。

Beauty supplement: Regular consumption of snow fungus can enhance people's metabolism, blood circulation and improves elasticity of the skin. When the subcutaneous tissue is filled with collagen, it reduces wrinkles, the skin becomes delicate, smooth and moist. It also removes the effects of chloasma and freckles on the face. Snow fungus also improves bowel movement, which is an important factor in maintaining smoothness of skin.

3. 减肥瘦身 - 银耳是一种含粗纤维的减肥食品, 银耳中的膳食纤维可助胃肠蠕动,减少脂肪吸收,从而达到减肥的效果。若能配合丰胸效果显著的木瓜同炖,可谓是“美容美体佳品”。

Slimming - Tremella is a diet food containing high amount of crude fiber. Dietary fiber helps gastrointestinal motility, reduce fat absorption, and thus achieve weight loss. It can be combined with papaya fruit to achieve significant breast enhancement effect.

4. 用于治肺热咳嗽、肺燥干咳、妇女月经不调、胃炎、大便秘结等病症。对阴虚火旺,不受参茸等温热滋补的人,是一种良好的替代补品。

Effective against heaty cough, dry cough, women's irregular menstruation, gastritis, constipation and etc. Alternative food to ginseng.
5. 女人吃银耳能增强免疫能力 Improves body's immunity.

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