【鲜甜】姬松茸淮山玉竹汤包 Matsutake Mushroom Soup Pack - Feedbud 粮友

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[Matsutake Mushroom Soup Pack]其功效为:健脑、消炎、益肾、降血糖、改善糖尿病、降胆固醇、增强精力、防止动脉硬化、防治心血管病等...功效,被视为强而有力的抵抗及滤过有害性病毒的物质!

Its medicinal efficacy : protect brain cells, anti-inflammatory, promotes kidney health, regulate blood sugar level, improve diabetes, lower cholesterol, enhance energy, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, etc.
Agaricus blazei / Hime matsutake has also been claimed to prevent and resist the growth of cancer cells and promote the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow.

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