泡参须 Ginseng Root (80g)

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1. 泡参应该啥时候吃?


2. 如何服用泡参?


  •  煮服法:将泡参切片,取3克放入砂锅内,加水适量,用小火煮10分钟左右,趁早餐前空腹,将渗片与渗汤一起服下。
  • 配枣法:泡洋渗4至6克,大枣5枚,加水适量,隔水炖成参枣汤,早晨空腹服用。
  • 冲服法:将泡渗研成细粉,每次取5克置杯中,加入少量蜂蜜,用开水冲入,加盖后5分钟,可分数次服用,早饭前半小时至一小时空腹饮用为佳。

How to consume Ginseng?

1. When is the best time to consume Ginseng?

It is best to drink ginseng soup on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. In the morning, the time of 'yang' is relatively strong. At this time, the function of the spleen and stomach is also relatively strong. Drinking it at this time is conducive to good absorption and beneficial to nourishing the blood.

2. How to take ginseng?

The simpler and direct method of taking ginseng is as follows:

  • Cooking method: Slice the ginseng, take 3 grams into the casserole, add some water, cook for 10 minutes on low heat, simmer on the fasting before breakfast, and take the ginseng together with the soup.
  • With jujube method: 4 to 6 grams of soaking in the ocean, 5 jujubes, add some water, stewed into the jujube soup, and take it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Crushing method: Grind ginseng into a fine powder, take 5g each time to set the cup, add a small amount of honey, put in boiling water, 5 minutes after capping, can be taken in fractions, half an hour before breakfast to one hour on an empty stomach is better .
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