【当归】佛手全片 Dang-Gui Angelica Whole Piece 250g

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250Gram per pack

当归的功效与作用 当归,盛产于甘肃等地,它是最常用的中药之一,具有益气补血的功效,因此气虚血弱的人常常用当归来滋补身体。






The Efficacy Of Angelica [DANG GUI] Angelica is abundant in Gansu and other places. It is one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicines. It has the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing blood. Therefore, people with weak qi and blood often use angelica to nourish the body. Here we will understand the efficacy and role of Angelica. The efficacy of Angelica: blood, blood circulation; menstruation and pain relief, lubrication of the intestines. The role of angelica: 1, Angelica can not only blood, blood, but also menstruation, Angelica is a holy medicine for gynecology, often used to treat women with blood deficiency or blood deficiency caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other symptoms. 2, Angelica can dispel cold and relieve pain, treatment of bruises, rheumatism and pain syndrome, for coronary heart disease angina pectoris, thromboangiitis obliterans, etc., also achieved certain effects. 3, Angelica can promote blood circulation and relieve pain, but also blood and muscle, often used for nourishing blood and laxative. 4, Angelica can also cure strokes, unconsciousness, foaming at the mouth, postpartum winds.
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