【降燥健脾】四神汤 Sishen Soup - Feedbud 粮友

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[Heat Relief & Stimulate Stomach Health, cure acne, oily face, white tongue, 精神困倦 关节疼痛 容易长痘 脸泛油光 舌苔厚白 fatigue 降燥健脾 脾胃虚 体弱多病 良药 降火气 ]Also known as soup of four gods, it is a daily soup suitable for most people. It is especially suitable for people who always experience diarrhea or who has a poor stomach. This soup can also relief heaty feel and remove dampness of your body.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, dampness comes from a failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body. It is nearly associated with a weak spleen, often with a weak stomach or guts.
Weather also has an important cause. In Malaysia, the weather often times is hot and humid. Moreover working people always stays in air-conditioned rooms, have cold drinks and ‘cold’ foodthus causing most people have heavy dampness in their bodies.
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