【A级】缅甸拉丝雪燕 Grade A - Gum Tragacanth - 300G

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[Gum Tragacanth, 上等雪燕, 无硫雪燕,天然树脂雪燕 美白 胶原蛋白][优质雪燕]因雪燕是苹婆树的植物木髓分泌物,泡发后跟燕窝相似,被称之为“雪燕”。Gum Tragacanth of good quality should carry a mild 'acidic' smell, it is the natural smell of the woods that secrete them. Due to its resemblance of bird's nest, it is called "xue-yan".


Feedbud's Gum Tragacanth is 100% natural, no-sulphur treated good quality product. Impurities on the gum will fall off after soaking.
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