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[fish maw morel mushroom soup, morel mushroom health benefits]

With the Morel Mushroom's / morchella's unique honeycomb appearance and deep, earthy flavor, they have instantly become a favorite among chefs and foodies alike.
Apart from its great taste, it brings incredible health benefits, such as:
Improving immune system, possesses antimicrobial and antioxidant properties,
improve liver function and etc...

[fish maw 花胶汤 羊肚菌汤 养生 美颜西施汤]

Fish Maw - A treasure from the sea.
Fish Maw is a good source of collagen which is beneficial for a healthy looking skin complexion, and also promotes growth and repair of tendons, cartilage, bone and connective tissue. Moreover, the properties of the gelatin are not cold nor dry, and are suitable for long-term consumption by people of any age, especially women.

[Best quality chinese yam rhizome, Best jujube]

The iron mountain yam is the best of the chinese yam rhizome. We choose best quality yam which are without sulphur treatment, so that you and your family can eat with a peace of mind.

Big sweet jujube from Xinjiang come with thick meat and small core. When used for soups, only a few pieces needed to create the sweetest taste and nourishes your health overall.

[how to cook fish maw soup][add salt to preference ]
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