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[Snow Pear Slice 真正的雪梨 清甜止咳润喉止渴润肺]

Authentic dried snow pear. Good pairing ingredient for 'tong-shui' desserts as it clears the throat, tonifies lungs and can relief coughing.

Pair snow pear slices with snow fungus/tremella soup, it is lung tonifying and nourishing. Pair it with goji to clear sputum and enrich your Qi / energy.

新鲜雪梨带梨子的清香味。全天然烘干的雪梨片,由于没有添加硫磺和漂白剂,表面颜色呈淡黄色是正常和‘安全’的象征。Fresh dried snow pear is aromatic in smell. Naturally dried snow pears are yellowish in color because they are not treated with sulphur and bleaching chemicals.

[雪梨糖水 润喉 润肺](https://www.feedbud.com/herbal-drink-dessert/snow-pear-sweet-apricot-kernel-drink)
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