大颗•干净•无杂质【珍珠桃胶·皂角米·雪燕】组合包 Pearl Peach Gum • Honey Locust • Tragacanth Pack - Feedbud 粮友

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[pearl peach gum package, gum tragacanth, honey locust 娇颜组合 美颜食品 胶原蛋白 collagen]

Pearl Peach Gum • Honey Locust • Tragacanth Pack

[radiant soft skin, collagen for skin absorption, smooth bowel, quench thirst ]

【Pearl Peach Gum / Peach Resin】One of Asian’s secret, to beautiful and young looking and skin; the Peach Gum. It has been long acknowledge as a beauty tonic in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) due to its richness in collagen and amino acids. Also of its high fiber content, peach gum helps to build better digestive and cardiovascular systems. Due to its neutral nature, it can be consumed frequently by most people.

【honey locust 皂角米,雪莲子】Sulphur-free Locust Seed 无硫雪莲子 / 皂角米
Turns into half-transparent, gooey and gummy after soaking.

【雪燕 植物胶原 gum tragacanth】Grade A Gum Tragacanth from Myanmar 缅甸拉丝雪燕
泡发率超高,每次只需泡2-3颗 (5g)。满满的胶质。
Rate of puffing is very high. Use only 2 to 3 pieces or around 5g for every serving. It is full of plant based collagen.

First Step: Soak & Prepare All Ingredients Before Cooking

1. Soak ingredients in separate bowls, for 10 - 12 hours or overnight. Must refrigerate to prevent bacteria growth.
2. Clean dirt from peach gum with a tweezer. No cleaning necessary for the other ingredients as dirt will automatically falls off once soaked.

[soak peach gum, tragacanth and locust]
[how to cook peach gum]
Cooking instructions are also printed on packaging - single-serve package option.

[Pearl Peach Gum • Honey Locust • Tragacanth Pack]
珍珠桃胶Pearl Peach Gum 350G
皂角米 Honey Locust 300G
雪燕 Gum Tragacanth 150G

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