【家乡的味道】菜干海味汤 Dry Veg Seafood Soup

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[ahma 阿嬷的菜干汤]

[how to cook soup]

煮法 Method

1. 提前准备好:菜干、响螺、蚝干、鱿鱼、香菇
Prepare ingredients as mentioned above.

2. 肉类飞水 / 焯水
Blanch meat.

3. 全部材料入锅,加2.5升水
All ingredients in, add 2.5 Litres of water.

4. 大火煮滚,转小火煲2小时
High heat to boil, turn low heat & cook 2 hours.

5. 最后,加盐,上桌
Add salt to taste, serve.
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